ADA Seal of Acceptance Helps You Identify Quality Oral Hygiene Products

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There is a wide array of oral health care products sold in stores. Some of these products only have cosmetic value while others can play a highly effective role in your daily oral hygiene routine.

Fortunately, the American Dental Association is passionate about helping consumers maintain good oral health. As a result, they instituted their Seal of Acceptance program in 1931 to help establish standards for the safety and effectiveness of oral hygiene products. Since that time, it has become the standard for participating manufacturers.

Participation in the program is voluntary. If a manufacturer wants to earn the ADA Seal of Acceptance for a particular product, they can submit it to the ADA before the product is launched. The ADA will then test the product to make sure it meets rigorous guidelines for safety and effectiveness. If the product meets those guidelines, it will be awarded the right to have the Seal of Acceptance on the label.

To further inform consumers, the ADA also provides an index on their website of every oral hygiene product that has earned the seal.

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