Dental Bridges Can Restore Your Smile

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Do you have any missing teeth or teeth due for an extraction? If so, worry not because dental bridges can restore your smile. Dental bridges replace missing teeth with artificial enhancements that can “bridge” the space from where one or more teeth once were. You can once again retain your oral abilities nearly identical to their optimum levels of speaking and eating efficiently.

Here are just a few of the benefits you can achieve:

– Dental bridges can improve your smile’s aesthetics if you have any missing teeth, especially those in the front of the mouth.

– When compared to your ability when missing teeth, your ability to eat food is vastly improved with dental bridges.

– Your ability to speak is improved with dental bridges. Your upper front teeth are often considered the most important for speaking, and dental bridges do a fine job in replicating the ability if those teeth should ever be lost.

– Missing teeth can cause bite instability. Dental bridges can put your smile’s movements, stability, and alignment back in order.

– Healthy, natural teeth can shift and slide if the gaps left from missing teeth are not filled in.

– Dental bridges can help restore your facial structure and distribute bite pressure evenly amongst your teeth.

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