Dental Veneers: The Purpose and Process

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Your self-confidence can suffer if you have a tooth that is flawed by discolorations and stains, chips or misshapen tooth enamel, but you have many options for cosmetic dental treatment, including dental veneers. These thin porcelain shells bond to a front tooth to improve its appearance and strength and increase its resistance to stains and cavities. We discuss the purpose and process of dental veneers to help you determine if they can bring you to your dream smile.

A consultation with our skilled dentist will involve using a color swatch to choose your best for dental veneers, which are custom designed to flatter the shape of your smile.

The actual process of dental veneers requires removal of some natural tooth enamel and then making sure the tooth is clean and dry so we can take an impression and send it to a dental lab. A temporary veneer can protect your tooth while you wait for your new veneer. A dental adhesive bonds the veneer to the tooth, and a special ultraviolet light cures the veneer. Following a trim and polish, your new smile is ready!

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