Oral Atrophy Problems with Dentures Can Be Mitigated with a Little Denture Adhesive

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When you were fitted for your dentures at Trine Dental Group’s dental offices in Orland Park, Illinois, they were designed to fit seamlessly with the underlying structure of your gums. As the years go by, the indirect relationship between the base of the gums and the underlying bone structure can cause the bone tissues to gradually be absorbed by the body.

When this happens, the process of oral atrophy can gradually alter the shape of your jaw structure, causing the dentures to fit more and more loosely. While severe oral atrophy might call for surgical intervention, you might be able to improve early onset with a little extra denture adhesive. This will help to ensure the tight bond that they enjoy for eating food, while also keeping stray food particles from irritating the gums at the base of the dentures.

If a little bit of stray food matter does work its way into the area, you should rinse your dentures clean. Then dry their base thoroughly with a napkin or a clean paper towel to provide a clean surface for fresh denture adhesive to bond with.

If you live in the Orland Park, Illinois, area and you are having issues with supporting your dentures in your mouth, you can always call 708-448-2588 to seek further advice from the oral care specialists at Trine Dental Group’s dental offices.