We understand the concerns our patients may have about exposure to bacteria or viruses when in occupied areas. To keep the air cleaner for our patients during their visits to Trine Dental Group, our dentist and team have invested in a professional HEPA mini air scrubber in Orland Park, Illinois! If you are interested in this filtration system we use, please call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Pavletic and our team to learn more!

The HEPA mini air scrubber we have installed is a powerful filtration system that neutralizes pollutants and even odors in the air. It can remove tiny micron-sized particles from the air, include dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses. We change the filters regularly to ensure that the mini air scrubber is operating at its optimal capacity.

We invite you to give us a call if you are interested in learning more about the HEPA mini air scrubber in our office and any of the other measures we are taking to protect your health and safety!