Skipping a Dental Checkup Could Increase Your Chances of Suffering a Toothache

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Putting off your regularly scheduled dental checkups at Trine Dental Group might seem like a small thing. However, it could leave your mouth at risk for a bevy of significant oral health problems. This includes gum disease, oral cancers, and cavities, to name a few.

Over time even a small area of tooth decay could worsen and spread deeper into the sensitive core structures of the tooth. As this start to occur you might notice progressive tooth sensitivity and discomfort as well as gradually increasing toothache pain

In a situation like this it’s best to seek treatment from a dentist like Dr. Christopher Pavletic, as soon as possible.

After diagnosing the tooth and any other active oral health problems he will recommend the best mode of treatment. This might call for him to perform endodontic therapy to fully remove any infected or compromised structures from the painful tooth. Then he will create an abutment capable of securing a dental crown restoration.

Any other active areas of tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health problems can then be addressed in the due course of time.

Going forward it might be best to always note your upcoming dental checkups on the calendar, to avoid any possible scheduling problems.

If you live in the Orland Park, Illinois, area and you have a sensitive or distressed tooth, you should not delay in calling 708-448-2588 to have it examined and treated at Trine Dental Group.