Advice about Teeth Whitening Treatments

Did you know that there are specific treatments available that are designed to specifically improve the look and color of your teeth? With teeth whitening treatments, you can improve the aesthetic color of your smile much quicker and better than normal oral health care habits ever could. Three common treatment methods for teeth whiteners are as follows: - Store-bought tooth... read more »

Dental Erosion Ruins Smiles

What is all the commotion about dental erosion? Dental erosion, also known as enamel erosion, happens when acids eat away at the precious tooth enamel protecting our teeth. Tooth enamel, the thin layer on our teeth, can be damaged in a variety of ways, but it is typically harmful acids that break through the easiest and make a tooth liable... read more »

Upgrade Your Smile with a CEREC® Dental Crown

If you are looking to upgrade or enhance any damaged or unsightly teeth you may have, consider the benefits that CEREC® dental crowns can provide. Not only are they extremely durable, but they can protect a tooth from further damage such as tooth decay. In addition, if the tooth has been worn down, it may be ineffective at chewing or... read more »