A Dental Filling Might Be Able to Repair a Small Cavity

Plaque acids caused by poor oral hygiene practices can affect the mineral strength of your tooth enamel. If you continue to be inconsistent with your daily oral hygiene regimen chronic plaque acid buildup can start to form a small cavity on one of your teeth Without treatment by a dentist like Dr. Christopher Pavletic the bacterial presence can compromise an... read more »

For a Healthy Mouth, Follow These Tips

A healthy smile begins with a healthy mouth, and caring for those precious pearly whites and gums lay the foundation for good oral health. Your smile is prone to enamel decay, tooth sensitivity, cavities, and tooth loss thanks to the buildup of acid in the mouth. Bacterial acid forms into plaque and calculus on your teeth and around the gum line... read more »

Nightly Brushing: Is it Really Important?

Usually, it’s fairly easy to brush your teeth as a part of your morning routine, but did you know that many people forget to brush their teeth right before they go to bed. As you can probably guess, this can lead to a number of negative consequences. The consequences associated with forgetting to brush your teeth before bed can be... read more »