Without Prevention, Teeth Grinding Could Cause a Dental Fracture

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Chronic stress can cause some individuals to grind their teeth while sleep. In many of these cases the extreme force of chronic bruxism can lead to chips, dental fractures and developing problems with your temporomandibular joints.

If one of your teeth has been damaged it’s best to have it examined and treated by dentist like Dr. Christopher Pavletic. Without treatment reasonable amount of time the aberrant textures of the tooth enamel could allow an area of tooth decay to develop dangerously deep in the compromised area of tooth enamel.   

The severity of the damage to the tooth enamel will largely influence the treatment plan that Dr. Christopher Pavletic presents.

It might be possible for him to repair a small chip or single surface dental fracture by installing an amalgam or composite dental filling. If the compromised area is large or the tooth’s biting surface has been affected Dr. Christopher Pavletic might recommend a special inlay or onlay dental filling.

If multiple surfaces of a tooth have been damaged or the structural integrity is at risk he might recommend a dental crown restoration. This will completely replace the tooth’s enamel layer with an alternative dental material.

In the future you should consider sleeping with a protective dental guard in your mouth to help protect your teeth from further harm. You can find them in many oral hygiene aisles in stores, or Dr. Christopher Pavletic might be able to provide you with one.

If you live in the Orland Park, Illinois, area and you have a chipped or fractured tooth caused by chronic