Your First Cavity

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The whole point of visiting Dr. Christopher Pavletic at Trine Dental Group in Orland Park, Illinois, is to ensure that your teeth are in the best shape possible. Sadly, we can’t all keep our teeth in perfect health, and most people will end up with a cavity at some point in their life.

So if you have your first cavity, or you want to be prepared if that happens, read on for our advice on how to handle it.

Don’t worry

If you have a good oral health routine and still got a cavity, you don’t need to worry too much. This is likely a sign that you’re cleaning an area of your mouth properly, or that you need to remember to floss on a more regular basis. Cavities that occur in these instances are usually small – a wake-up call that you need to work harder on your oral health.

Get it treated quickly

The last thing you want to do is put off getting a cavity filled. If you let it go, it’ll just continue to grow and eat away at your tooth. If you let it go too long, the cavity becomes a serious health hazard, potentially killing the pulp in your tooth. If this happens you’ll need an extraction or root canal.

Letting a cavity linger for too long can cause serious problems. Don’t delay in treatment and do everything you can to prevent them. If you need help, call 708-448-2588 today.